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What are the dates of The Garden?

Thu 16 Feb – Sun 19 Mar 2016

(Excluding Mon 15 Feb)


Is there a map of The Garden?

Click here to view map!


Where is The Garden located?

Rundle Park – East Terrace – Adelaide SA 5000


What hours is the garden open?

Mon - Thu | 5pm – 1am

(Except Thu 11 Feb 9pm - 1am) 

Fri | 5pm - 3am 

Sat| 10am - 3am

Sun| 10am - 1am

(Except Sun 13 Mar| 10am - 3am)


What date is The Garden’s opening night party?

11 Feb 2016 | From 9pm


Is the Garden free to enter?

YES. But, at busy times in the interests of public safety or to comply with liquor licensing, we may restrict entry to the site and there may be a queue. However, we always ensure ticketholders can get access to the site – just head to the priority entry queue for ticket holders (adjacent to the main site entrance).

Is The Garden for all ages?

YES. We are an inclusive space that caters for all ages.  Minors are allowed to enter until midnight and permitted to remain in after midnight if they are seeing a show that starts prior to midnight and finishes by 1am. No minors, accompanied or otherwise, can enter The Garden after midnight or remain in The Garden after 1am whether seeing a show or not.


How do I get to The Garden?

Leave the car at home and take public transport or ride your bike, there is limited parking near the site. Find out more at


Are there buses to and from The Garden?

The Adelaide FREE 99C City Loop stops near The Garden, on East Terrace. Stops B1, Y1 and Y2 on East Terrace and l1, I2 and I3 on North Tce are all located in close proximity to The Garden. A number of services to various Adelaide suburbs operate from these stops.


Is there a train stop near The Garden?

The Garden is less than 20 minutes walk from Adelaide Railway Station.


Where can I park?

There is limited car parking near the site.  Some council parking bays are located on streets adjacent to The Garden.  There is also paid off-street parking on Rundle St and North Tce.


Is there bike parking at The Garden?

Yes. There is a dedicated bike parking area at the main entrance to The Garden.


Is there a taxi rank near The Garden?

Yes. During The Garden a taxi rank runs adjacent to the site on East Terrace. Times vary.


What can or can’t I bring into the garden?

YES – bring it!

» Proof of age or any concession cards you require

» Tickets (if you’re seeing a show at The Garden)

» Shoes (Bare feet are not ok. Wear shoes at all times.)

» During the day... sun protection!


NO - Leave it!

» Alcohol (We are licenced - you cannot bring in or take alcohol from the area. Just like a pub or club)

» Liquids (Unfortunately some people want to smuggle in alcohol, which breaches our Liquor License. Only empty bottles can be brought in. But, water is freely available once inside.)

» Pets and animals (unless assist dogs)

» Bikes (only permitted outside premise – bike parking is provided!)

» Skateboards, scooters, rollerblades or skates

» Professional cameras (Happy snaps are welcome, but anyone with a professional camera must have prior permission from The Garden. Please contact

» Any other items considered illegal or dangerous

Where do I report lost and found articles?

Please complete are lost property enquiry form.  Please note we cannot accept enquiries regarding lost property in person or by phone. We will be in touch only if your item is found. If you find something, please hand it in to any member of staff and we’ll do our best to return the item to its owner.


Where do I report lost and found articles once The Garden season is over?

The Garden is not responsible for any lost or found property and will give any unclaimed items to charity or to the police at the conclusion of the season.


What do I do if I lose a child or parent? 

Please notify a member of staff or security immediately.


Can I bring alcohol into The Garden?

No.  The Garden is a licensed area which means you cannot bring in or take alcohol from the area.  Just like a pub or club.  There is a bag search at The Garden’s entrance, where any banned items will be confiscated and not returned.


Can I refill my water bottle at The Garden?

Yes. There is free water available throughout the site accessible to all.


Can I take water into The Garden?

No.  Unfortunately, some people want to smuggle alcohol into The Garden, and do so using water and other bottles. Craziness we know! This puts both The Garden and the patron in breach of liquor licensing rules.  As such only empty bottles can be brought into the site. However, water is freely available on site so your water bottle can easily be refilled once you are inside.


Will there be ATM facilities?

No, but cash out is available at all bars.


Are credit cards and EFTPOS accepted onsite?

Yes.  At all bars.  Individual market and food stall holders may or may not accept credit cards and EFTPOS.


Are cigarettes sold onsite?



Is smoking allowed in The Garden?

Yes, but NOT in Smoke Free Areas, including: near food vendors, the Bandstand, the markets, enclosed bars, the front entrance queue, the toilets and near all venue entrances and queuing areas. Please consider others and use common sense when choosing a place to smoke and dispose of all butts in bins provided.

Are bare feet OK?

No.  You must wear shoes at all times.  Thongs are ok, but keep in mind it’s a festival site!


Are dogs or other pets allowed in The Garden?

No.  The only exception is assist dogs.


What medical or first aid services will be available?

First Aid is provided on site, during all opening hours. If you require First Aid, please notify any member of staff and they will radio for first aid.


How do I get a festival program?



I’m a student wanting information on The Garden.  Can you answer these questions?

Unfortunately, we don’t have the resources to answer individual enquiries.  Information regarding The Garden and previous seasons is available on this website.


Can I perform at The Garden?

The Garden is a curated event. We accept applications from around August of each year and details of how to apply will be posted on our website.


Can I busk at The Garden?

No busking, begging, preaching, soap boxing or selling is permitted on the site, without prior permission of The Garden.


Can I volunteer at The Garden?

No. All Garden staff are employees.


How do I become a stall holder?

We accept applications from around August of each year and details of how to apply will be posted on our website.


Who can I contact for press enquiries?



Can I use my camera or recording device at The Garden or inside The Garden’s venues during a performance?

The use of cameras, videos or other recording devices is strictly prohibited inside The Garden’s venues. Outside of venues - we love happy snaps! Post ‘em, share em and generally snap away. All professional photography and filming on site at The Garden needs prior approval from The Garden of Unearthly Delights team with advance notice. If approval has not been given from The Garden of Unearthly Delights any professional photography and filming will be prohibited. Please contact


Will I be photographed while I'm at The Garden?

The Garden reserves the right to take video recordings and photographs at each event and within the site. On entering the Garden site and attending a performance at The Garden you consent to be photographed and/or videotaped and acknowledge that the intended use is for archival and/or promotional purposes and authorise use by or on behalf of The Garden. Prior consent of photography and filming of minors within the site will be requested.


Can I distribute promotional materials at The Garden?

No. No flyering, leafleting or poster inside or on the outside perimeter of The Garden is permitted, with prior permission of The Garden.


Is recycling available at The Garden?

YES – The Garden has a waste management strategy in place, with separate streams for Glass and Plastic Bottles, Organic Waste (including all compostable food packaging) and Landfill Waste.



Please see our Terms and Conditions prior to purchasing tickets through The Garden.


When will tickets go on sale?

Tickets will go onsale on 2nd December 2015


Where can I purchase tickets?

The Garden sells tickets through its own ticketing system on this website and in person at The Garden's box office which will open on the 11 Feb 2016.


In addition you can also purchase tickets from

Ph. 1300 621 255 or at any Fringetix outlet.


When is The Garden’s onsite box office open?

11 Feb– 14 Mar (Excl. Mon 15 Feb).

Mon - Fri: 5pm – 15mins after the final performance of the night

Sat - Sun: 1 hr prior to first performance – 15mins after the final performance of the night


Where can I collect my pre-purchased tickets?

If you pre-purchased tickets from The Garden you can collect at The Garden’s box offices or wherever you see the 'Garden Tix Collection Point' signs. 


If you pre-purchased tickets from the Adelaide Fringe you can pick up your tickets in advance from Box Offices located in Rundle Mall, Rymill Park, Victoria Square or the Fringe office in Norwood.  Check for full details.  You can also collect Fringetix purchased tickets onsite at The Garden. 


Please arrive no later than 30mins prior to your session start time. You will need valid ID for collection.


Where is the box office?

The Garden’s main box office is located near the entrance of the site, near the corner of Rundle Rd and East Tce.  Tickets can also be purchased inside The Garden.


Are there any age restrictions to performances?

Age suitability is listed with every performance at The Garden.

G: Suitable for All Ages

PG: Parental Guidance recommended for under 15 yrs

M: Recommended for 15+

18+: Restricted to those 18+


Do children need a ticket for performances at The Garden?

Unless otherwise specified, children 18 months and under can sit on the lap of a carer free of charge.  Any child over this age must have a ticket.  No children, including babes in arms are permitted to Restricted 18+ performances.


Is there a discount for children?

Some productions may offer discounts for children and/or families.  If Child prices are available, they will be listed as ‘child’ throughout the program.  If Family prices are available, they will be listed as ‘family’.


What types of tickets are sold by The Garden?

Adult | Full price tickets

Concession | Government issued concession card, seniors, full time student cards★

Child | Children 12 and under

Family | 2 Adults and 2 Children or 1 Adult and 3 Children

Group | 6 or more

Companion Card | The Garden supports the Companion Card program. Companion Card tickets are available over the phone or in person★

★Proof of eligibility required and must be presented when collecting pre-purchased ticket or when otherwise requested

For a full list of tickets types please speak to our friendly box office staff. 

Am I eligible for concession?

If concession prices are listed for a particular event, concession prices apply to persons who are aged 16 years and under, full-time students (including International Student cardholders), full pensioners, welfare benefit recipients and the unemployed.


Do tickets include GST?

Where applicable, GST is included in the ticket price.


Can I change my tickets?



Why can’t I change my date/time/performance?

It is a condition of sale that there are no cancellations, exchanges or refunds once a purchase has been made.  Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more information.


Do transaction fees apply for bookings?



Is the price listed on this website the price I'll actually pay for my tickets?

Yes. All advertised prices included Booking Fees.  If you wish to receive your tickets buy post, you must pay an additional postage fee. 


Can I choose my seat in advance?

No. All venues and events are General Admission


Can I book a booth in a Spiegeltent?



What is General Admission?

 This means that your ticket does not assign you an allocated seat at the venue.


What happens if I lose my tickets?

 We regret that we cannot replace them.


What happens if I am running late for a performance? Will they let me in? Do I get a refund on my ticket?

Being late affects performers and the rest of the audience. This is so important that some artists specifically ask that latecomers not be admitted. The Garden therefore reserves the right to exclude latecomers to certain events or to admit them only during a suitable break in the performance. The Garden regrets it is not possible to refund a completed booking. Please respect the Front of House staff's instructions.


Is there any basic etiquette I need to be aware of?

 You are not allowed to use mobile phones, paging devices, alarm or chiming watches during performances. Using cameras or other recording devices is a breach of copyright and absolutely not allowed. Be nice and remember to consider those around you trying to also enjoy their night out.


If I choose to have my tickets posted to me, how long will they take to arrive?

Where you choose to have your tickets delivered to you by post, tickets will be mailed in early January.  Tickets are sent by registered mail.