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Strut & Fret Production House presents



12 FEB - 13 MAR (THU - SAT + SUN 13 MAR ONLY)| 11PM

In Umbrella Revolution

Staying up late just got a whole lot weirder. 

CULT is a queer mash-up of your old VHS collection versus your hacked Netflix account.  Part club-night, part performance and all chaos! 

A dusty hangout where Stephen King, Romy and Michelle, Tim Burton and Hitchcock all blur into one…

Come and relive the childhood memories you love and and some you’d like to forget.

Get to the chopper!!!

A CULT you’ll want to join. 

Dress code: Cult favourites


‘Expect anything and everything.’ Melbourne Fringe


Poster / Web Artwork : @mrwhaite  

Print Guide Photos: Theresa Harrison Photography

Costuming Provided by : Rose Chong Costumiers