Erotic Intelligence for Dummies

17 Feb - 19 Mar | Cupola


Look, if I'm honest, things might get a bit weird but that's cool.

Leave your judgement at the door and just go with it.

Helen Cassidy presents 'Erotic Intelligence for Dummies'.

Combining history, sex-ed, philosophy, dress ups, puppetry, dance and song into a seductively layered trifle of love, lust and learning.

Whether you're a swinging, polyamorous, unicorn (that's a single who dates couples) or a celibate, sublimating, ascetic (some one who doesn't do sex) or just super into Tinder - you are going to learn some stuff.

Helen Cassidy is a classically trained actress and clown who's performed from London to Christchurch. With a penchant for pushing buttons and boundaries; she's smart, funny and promises not to get the sheets (very) dirty.

"Helen Cassidy is a living, breathing goddess" The Journal (UK)

Suitability Rated:

Presented by: Pretend Productions and Wilde Applause Creative Prodctions

$25 - $30
VENUE: Cupola

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