11 Mar | The Vagabond


It's Eurowision! Wind machines, tear-away costumes and performers you love in random situations! The 7th annual song..ish contest! Performers push their musical crowd-pleasing talents to the extreme. Doesn't matter if you have no idea what a song contest is or love Eurovision more than your own mother, you're in for a night like no other!

"Absolutely hilarious! It's the best night of Fringe!"

Some of the best performances of Fringe! Past acts include, Hans, Axis of Awesome, George Kapiniaris, Tessa Waters, Ivan Aristeguieta and more award-winning performers! Cheesy hosts live postcards bring you everything that makes Eurovision so fun to watch!

With Carla Conlin, Mark Trenwith Andrew Crupi

All the hilarity of Eurovision without feeling that anyone was taking it seriously! RIP IT

Important information:

This performance contains:
  • Mild Nudity
  • Mild Coarse Language
  • Mild Sexual References

Suitability Rated: M

Presented by: Carousel Pony Productions