18 - 25 Feb | The Factory


Grumble Boogie is an aerobic dizko dance class lead by surreal showgirl, obscene beauty queen and sex clown Betty Grumble.

Grumble Boogie welcomes all levels of dance fitness and ability. Join us for all out fleshy dance fitness fun featuring a live DJ set from Blanc De Blanc star Shun Sugimoto.

This one hour groove and movement ceremony promises to commit your body to the gods and goddesses of muscular dizko divinity. Move and be Moved! Profits will be donated to a local women's charity, an organisation that offers support to women experiencing homelessness.

Class duration: One Hour. Bring: A towel, water bottle. Wear? Aerobic fantasy, lycra dream, whatever you desire!

Suitability Rated:

Presented by: Betty Grumble

VENUE: The Factory

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