Ivan Aristeguieta - Juithy

17 Feb - 19 Mar | Cupola


Everyone's favourite Venezuelan is back with a sweet and juithy new show.

He's one happy immigrant and he's squeezing all the privileges the First-World can give him.

From his own ABC sitcom, Lost in Pronunciation, to his debut live stand-up TV special, Chorizo Sizzle, Ivan exploded on to the scene in 2016 with his brilliant observations on Aussie culture and food, taking him around the country, headlining theatres and selling out festivals.

As Ivan toured, he noticed a lot of similarities between ex-pats and locals. They both love their country, just in different ways, and that to be a true 'Aussie', he has to stop loving Australia, and start whinging about it. That's when he'll know he has made it. But that's bloody hard when Australia is so a-mazing! Sausage sizzles, toilet paper in public parks and 24-hour bakeries? The mango truly is juithier on the other side.

You're not the lucky country. You're the juithy country. Go on, say it. Juithy.

Best Newcomer, Sydney Comedy Festival.

Suitability Rated:

Presented by: Laughing Stock Productions

$28 - $32
VENUE: Cupola

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