Lehmo - The Family Lifeboat

25 - 26 Feb | The Factory


You know him from his regular appearances on The Project and Have You Been Paying Attention? and as Jim on Utopia, now you can see Adelaide's own Anthony 'Lehmo' Lehmann him live in his all new stand up show.

Becoming a new father has raised all sorts of questions for Lehmo.... Can you leave a dog to look after a baby? How long can you leave your baby in the car? Are your cats now less important? Does your wife love you as much as she used to? And what about the family lifeboat? Exactly how important is he?

"Will have the whole family in fits with his sharp observational humour and infectious energy... Refreshingly funny" The Music

"One of those guys you'd love to have a beer with" ★★★★ Herald Sun

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Presented by: Token Events

VENUE: The Factory