Massaoke Club La La

16 Feb - 17 Mar | The Box


The Fringe's No. 1 party just got BIGGER! Massaoke's Club La La lands in The Garden with a brilliant live band smashing out the greatest anthems from the 80s, 90s, 00s and beyond; lyrics on a giant screen and a room full of party-goers singing and dancing their hearts out!

Massaoke fever is sweeping the world - it's the club night sensation where YOU'RE THE VOICE! Legendary for its guest stars from across the Fringe, expect the ultimate hits from Bon Jovi to Taylor Swift, Nirvana to Bonnie Tyler, glitter cannons, lip-sync battles, sequins, spandex + one hell of a party!

"A damn fun night out!" ★★★★ The Advertiser

"This is THE party of the Fringe - it used to be called euphoria, now it's called MASSAOKE" ★★★★ Great Scott

"Massaoke might just be the answer to world peace" ★★★★ Upside News

Suitability Rated: R18+

Presented by: Gilded Balloon