Crème de la crème

18 Feb - 19 Mar | The Vault


Welcome to Crème de la crème, an incredible display of the hottest acts in this year's Adelaide Fringe festival. This is the best of the best, a variety night like no other.

Expect world-class acrobatics, from seasoned performers showcasing their weird and wonderful talents. Expect great skits and physical comedy, provided by the charming boys from Head First Acrobats. Expect more than a hint of cheeky nudity

Raw and yet refined work, equal parts grit and sweat as glitz and glam. Real circus, real fun, right in front of your eyes.

Important information:

This performance contains:
  • Strong Occasional Nudity
  • Mild Occasional Coarse Language

Suitability Rated: R18+

Presented by: Head First Acrobats pty ltd