Effie - Better Out Than In

19 Feb |


People what’s happened in the last couple of years? Exactly! 

Talk about mental as anything. 

The sh*t hit the fan and there was no toilet paper to clean it with.

Me? I’d been in physical lockdown, sexually that is, for most of my life.

And I don’t wanna brag hot husband and I clocked up a lot of ‘Rooting Frequent Flyer’ points. 

Yep I went from Bronze to Platinum in nine months.

But we’re finally out. Out of the House and Out of the Pantry. 

Seriously it was so bad I thought about writing a COVID memoir called ‘Eat, Pray, Eat.’

Come see my hit stage show, ‘Better Out Than In.’

And let me lift youse up where youse belong!



Suitability Rated: MA15+

Presented by: Banajig Pty Ltd