Circus and Physical Theatre


6 - 21 Mar |


"Circus with a big, pounding heart and an honest, earthy soul" - Indaily

The creatives behind Adelaide Fringe favourite, A Simple Space, are back on home soil with their newest creation.

Squeeze, cuddle, tickle, flick, pinch, poke, shove, flip, kiss, bite, cradle, kick, grab, scratch, slap, lick

Recent times have reminded us of the tyranny of distance. Our inability to touch even those closest to us has forced us to realise that physical touch is not just important, it is essential.

I Want To Touch You traverses the distance between people. Eight GOM acrobats with an unprecedented physical connection and 5 piece jazz band, Nu Article, with their deep sonic bond, unite to investigate our innate desire to connect, emotionally and physically, and the obstacles that limit this.

Suitability Rated: G

Presented by: Gravity & Other Myths