Loose Ends

17 Feb - 13 Mar | Le Cascadeur


The 2013 Adelaide Fringe Award winner is back with this wonderful and magical theatre show full of gadgets and surprises with a touch of Wallace and Gromit and Mr. Bean.

Get ready for an extraordinary adventure in a quirky and madcap world full of thingamabobs, puppetry, circus, amazing shadows, fun, action and suspense!

Loose Ends takes you to an eccentric place that feels like the magic box of a bygone trickster. A whimsical world of semi- mechanical contraptions and headstrong puppets, where music appears from lemons and bunny bums, circus pops up unexpectedly, toys go crazy.

The story of a man who thinks he can organise all of his life in boxes, a tale of friendship, integrity, disappointment and celebration... and all the messy bits in between. Where heartbreak turns loveable puppets into naughty baddies and wacky contraptions appear.

Family theatre at its most original and inventive, highly visual, emotional and unpredictable.

Ever wondered what Elmo would look like without his fur?

Suitability Rated: G

Presented by: Jens Altheimer (2013)

VENUE: Le Cascadeur

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