Mummy's Milk

14 Feb - 15 Mar |


Mummy's had a long day but she's always got time for you.

Step inside Mummy Mustash's living room and regress to infancy if you choose. She'll love you, hold you, listen to your fears, and make everything better.

Via breast or bottle, you'll find something to feed your hungry soul.

A Liverpudlian Mum, she's unassumingly wise; the matriarch of the universe and Mother to us all.

Mummy's Milk is a 15 minute one-on-one, intimate session that's unexpected and existential. A conversational piece that means no two experiences are the same.

"How do you describe this show...? You don't. You shouldn't. You should be surprised. And open. And transformed" - My Melbourne Arts

Mummy's lap awaits if you're up for a trip. If you're meant to meet her, you will know.

Suckle away.


A one-on-one experience and can be considered as 'outside the comfort zone'. 

Suitability Rated: R18+

Presented by: Realscape Productions