Children's Events

SeaStar Rock

16 - 24 Feb | The Box


Come and join the rocking party! Featuring all the characters from the popular TV series, your kids will be up singing, dancing and playing games as they navigate the sustainability of our oceans. They'll help their newest friend Paddy Polar Bear beat the war on waste, while Pirate Wally Walrus and Snappy Starfish take on the plastic bag monsters.

100% locally written, produced, and cast, SeaStar Rock is a live show, a music CD, and a TV show on Adelaide's own Channel 44! If you've not yet experienced the toe-tapping, wing-flapping fun of SeaStar Rock, this Fringe festival is the time. Described by Teresa Palmer as an "Amazing kids show about marine sustainability. Super fun, energetic & vibrant! loved!", you'll soon see why people come back year after year. Perfect day out for families.

Suitability Rated: G

Presented by: LER Productions