Woolly: The Morose Merino

17 Feb - 5 Mar | The Spare Room


Sarcastic, satirical and hilariously self-deprecating, Woolly is a sheep with serious issues! But he wasn't always so... Woolly!

Witness the tale of how one sexually frustrated, 20-something Brit dealt with rejection in the most absurd way possible: by running away to a shearing shed in South Australia. What emerged was more sheep than man.

Now he's out, and he's looking for ewe!

Shanks, shearing and unapologetic sheep-puns are inbound as Woolly enlists your help to try and put aside the man he once was and embrace the sheep he was born to be. Nominated for Best Comedy at Melbourne Fringe 2016, Woolly: The Morose Merino is a One- Sheep Show that will get you laughing within two shakes of a lamb's tail!

Don't miss this chance to become part of the flock as Woolly brings his charming blend of storytelling and comedy to Adelaide Fringe for the first time!

Important information:

This performance contains:
  • Mild Coarse Language
  • Frequent / Strong Sexual References
  • Rated M

Presented by: Alexander Cofield

VENUE: The Spare Room

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